Orange Glow Pumpkins

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“After 11 years of painstaking natural breeding, we have developed a new variety of superfood with unique nutritional attributes. One feature of Orange Glow pumpkins is that they contain four times more beta-carotene (Pro Retinol Vitamin A) than any other type of pumpkin.”

Shaun Jackson, agronomist and Daintree Fresh director 

Orange Glow pumpkins are superfood made super simple

They make for a delicious and nutritious addition to any meal. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and even desserts. With an Orange Glow, you can transform any meal into a burst of vitality that your body will thrive on. 

Not only are Orange Glow pumpkins packed with goodness, they are super easy to slice, dice and cook. If you can chop a sweet potato, you can chop an Orange Glow. Plus, the skin is completely edible, and the seed cavity is very small.

You can cook Orange Glow the same way you would normally use regular potatoes, sweet potatoes or any other pumpkin. If you’re one for a bit of experimentation in the kitchen, you can use their vibrant colours to create some truly memorable dishes. 

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