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Orange Glow is superfood made super simple. These all-Aussie pumpkins are bursting with colour and packed with nutrients. They are poised to create a surge of excitement for foodies all around the country.

Javier Codina, Moda Restaurant, Brisbane

Benefits of using Orange Glow pumpkins in your restaurant:

  • Orange Glow is not available in major supermarkets. This gives your restaurant the opportunity to create some really memorable signature dishes and provide your customers with something new and exciting to try.
  • Consistent price – Orange Glow pumpkins are the same price year-round. Guaranteed.
  • They have an excellent shelf life and can last up to 4 months unrefrigerated.
  • A sliced Orange Glow presents beautifully on a plate, thanks to its vivid colour. You can whip up some truly stunning ‘Instagram worthy’ dishes that will really pop on your social media feeds.
  • Easy to cut for portioning. It can be really time consuming to cut through the tough skin of other pumpkins as they often break off at the edges. With Orange Glow, your knife will slide straight through the thin skin with no resistance, much like a sweet potato.
  • Orange Glow pumpkins have a very small seed cavity, so there is NO product wastage. Also, the skin is edible, the seeds can be roasted and the webbing can also be roasted or blended. So apart from the stem, you use the entire product, making them a great value purchase.
  • You’ll never make pumpkin soup the same way again in your restaurant. As Orange Glow is so easy to slice and the skin is edible, all you have to do is roast the pumpkin whole and then blitz it, skin and seeds included. Just cut the stem out of the middle. Easy!
  • Your restaurant will be supporting an all-Aussie farming operation to grow an all- Aussie product
  • As growers, we are marketing Orange Glow to consumers around Australia. Therefore, we will be creating consumer demand and your restaurant will be in a position to meet this demand.

Ready to get glowing?

We bet your mouth is watering to try Orange Glow. The good news is, we have plenty of samples available for restaurant owners, managers and chefs to try, so you can taste the goodness for yourself.

If you would like to learn more about Australia’s newest superfood, get in touch with the Orange Glow team today. You can give us a call on 0457 507 978 or drop us a line by filling out the form below and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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