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Orange Glow pumpkins are superfood made super simple. They make for a delicious and nutritious addition to any meal. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and even desserts. With an Orange Glow, you can transform any meal into a burst of vitality that your body will thrive on.

Not only is Orange Glow packed with goodness, it is super easy to slice, dice and cook. If you can chop a sweet potato, you can chop an Orange Glow. Plus, the skin is completely edible, and the seed cavity is very small, meaning more yummy product – not air.


How can I cook Orange Glow?

Any way you want to! You can use Orange Glow the same way you would normally use regular potatoes, sweet potatoes or any other pumpkin. Plus, you can use them to get really creative if you’re one for a bit of experimentation in the kitchen.


Believe it or not, the best way to get all the health benefits from Orange Glow is to roast them – and you can leave the skin on. The pumpkin itself has more beta carotene when roasted, so your next Sunday dinner will be the best one ever if you add an Orange Glow to your baking dish. You can even roast the webbing and the seeds which are very high in protein and enjoy them as a crunchy snack.


Orange Glow is amazing raw.  Unlike other pumpkins it can be grated, shaved or cubed and put in a salad or on a veggie platter to enjoy with your favourite dips.


If you’re a fan of pickling food, you’re in luck! Thanks to their thin, easy to cut skin Orange Glow is very easy to thinly shave and pickle.

Pastes and  Purees

Pastes and purees made from Orange Glow pumpkins open a whole world of exciting opportunities for those who love to get creative with their cooking. Think pumpkin pies, curries, homemade baby food, mousses, cheesecake bars and more.


Everyone loves a big bowl of hearty pumpkin soup on a cold winter’s day. And because Orange Glow is so quick to slice and the skin is edible, making pumpkin soup has never been easier.

You can even roast the pumpkin whole, then blitz it, skin and seeds included (the seeds have over 30g of protein per 100g – that’s more than fish and pork). Just cut the stem out of the middle. Job done!

Not only does a soup made with Orange Glow look delicious and taste delicious, it makes for one incredibly healthy meal.




Smoothies made with Orange Glow are not only delicious, but healthy too! They are low in fat, sugar, and high in fiber and nutrients. Leave the skin on chopped Orange Glow for maximum health benefits and blend with your favourite smoothie ingredients.


Ready to get glowing?

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