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Orange Glow are grown in rich, red volcanic soil bordering the pristine Daintree rainforest on the northeast coast of Queensland. This incredible soil allows for the resulting crops to be farmed in the cleanest and greenest way possible.

Let’s start at the beginning

The story of the Orange Glow pumpkin began when agronomist and Daintree Fresh Director, Shaun Jackson, started researching pumpkin varieties with brighter colours and healthier features.

His goal was to develop a pumpkin that is not only a nutritional ‘superfood’, but a vegetable that is simple to cook and makes a delicious addition to any meal.

After a lengthy search, Shaun discovered a small variety of pumpkin in the Andean mountains which is consumed by the native Andean tribes. This pumpkin has an outstanding vibrant colour and excellent nutritional properties.

Little did Shaun know that his quest to find the perfect pumpkin had only just begun. By utilising the best attributes of Australian pumpkins and trying many crosses, years later he found a single plant with the attributes needed. Colour, a small cavity and a dryer and firmer flesh.

After eleven years of painstaking natural breeding, Shaun developed a new variety featuring innovative attributes not found in any other pumpkin, such as:

  • Up to four times more beta-carotene (provitamin A)
  • Low GI
  • Easy to cut
  • Edible skin
  • Zero Waste
  • Small seed cavity
  • Firm flesh
  • Smooth texture with no stringiness
  • Rich, earthy & wholesome flavour

Thus, through plenty of good old-fashioned trial and error, Orange Glow was born!

A little bit about Shaun

Shaun Jackson is a university qualified agronomist and horticulturist with over 40 years’ experience. He has been directly involved in the introduction, commercialisation and production of many widely consumed vegetables throughout Australia such as broccolini, Kent pumpkins and seedless watermelons.

Shaun has spent most of his life travelling overseas, working closely with the world’s leading plant breeders to develop improved varieties in many species. He also travelled to every major production region in Australia to develop a unique understanding of both market and farm needs. His skill of directing to grow the right varieties at the right time to get maximum efficiency by not battling climate or poor nutrition has helped many regions to succeed.

In addition to developing Orange Glow, he is also the farmer and seller of this highly unique crop. Orange Glow is a true passion project for Shaun and he is excited for his pride and joy to end up on household and restaurant tables across the country.

From our land to your hands

Orange Glow are grown in rich, red volcanic soil bordering the pristine Daintree rainforest on the northeast coast of Queensland. This incredible soil allows for the resulting crops to be farmed in the cleanest and greenest way possible.

The sunny climate creates perfect growing conditions and allows for the crops to be grown in the most sustainable methods possible Modern computer-controlled drip irrigation helps to minimise water consumption and natural products such as hummus and Molasses are used to ensure the ground improves under Shaun’s stewardship.

Understanding his responsibility regarding the Great Barrier Reef catchment – and for preserving the land for future generations – he works tirelessly to absolutely minimise or entirely eradicate chemical use at the farm – ‘Daintree Fresh’.

Shaun says,

We have found that the use of chemicals to try and control insects has created increased reliance, not reduced it. In response, we have introduced integrated pest management that combines high level bug and disease checking along with the incorporation of beneficial insects. In doing so, we have almost eliminated insecticide use on the farm for all domestic production.

Daintree Fresh’ started as a bare patch of dirt and has since been developed into a very sustainable and productive patch (300 acres) of land. The farm is actually in the middle of an ancient volcano, so it’s naturally protected from the leaching of nutrients and adverse weather conditions.

Highly unique to the farm is the deep – and we mean really deep – red volcanic soil in which it sits on. This type of soil is extremely rare and incredibly fertile. Being grown from such rich volcanic soil, it’s no wonder the pumpkins glow so orange!

As demand increases, Shaun will be outsourcing to well-trained and monitored growers throughout this wide brown land of ours who will supply the summer production cycle to maintain 12 months’ supply.

Tristan Pabst, City Winery, Brisbane

Grown to glow

Orange Glow seeds are grown on the farm and developed each year to be planted the next. Seedlings are hand sorted and hand planted using organic methods and permanent beds – this is a very environmentally friendly way of growing crops.

No ploughing with heavy machinery is required, so no carbon emissions are released into the atmosphere. In fact, our method of growing actually returns carbon to the soil!

In addition to being hand-planted, Orange Glow are hand-picked once ripe. Machine picking often results in damage to pumpkin crops, so by hand picking, only the best size, shape and quality pumpkins are chosen to be sold. This approach also creates fantastic employment opportunities for the local area.

To help our Orange Glow pumpkins grow naturally without the use of harsh chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides, we use a number of eco-friendly products to provide nutrients to the crops such as:

Steinkraft Zeolites

Steinkraft Zeolites are natural formed, negatively charged volcanic minerals. The minerals are extremely hard and offer incredible advantages for cation exchange, cutting down on the requirement to use fertilizer by significant amounts.

Bugs for Bugs

Bugs for Bugs is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of biological control agents. The company produces more than 10 species of natural enemy bugs to help manage pest problems in a more sustainable way. Using drones, ‘good’ bugs are released among our crops in order to naturally combat the ‘bad’ bugs without any need for chemicals or pesticides.

Multikraft Probiotics

Multikraft Probiotics work to improve nitrogen and carbon levels in soil through beneficial microbes. The probiotics help to sustainably regenerate the soil and improve the efficiency of photosynthesis in the crops, thus increasing fertility and activating plant and soil health

The science speaks for itself

There are plenty of fruits and vegetables out there that fall into the category of “superfoods”. The Orange Glow pumpkin is the latest amongst them.

To prove that these pumpkins are not just a passing fad, here’s the scientific evidence of their excellent nutritional properties:

  • 4 x more beta-carotene (Pro Retinol Vitamin A) than any other types of pumpkin. Vitamin A is essential for vision, reproduction, skin cell reproduction, immune system and growth
  • Just 75grams (1/3rd of a cup – roasted) provides up to 142% of an adult woman’s daily needs of Pro Vitamin A and 131% of her daily needs during pregnancy.
  • Just 30g (1/8th of a cup – roasted) provides up to 120% of a toddler’s daily needs of Pro Vitamin A.
  • 100 grams (roasted) provides an average adult male with 125% of his daily antioxidant needs.
  • The seeds have over 30g of protein per 100g – that’s more than fish and pork!


A bright future ahead

So, what’s next for Orange Glow?

We are so proud that Orange Glow is a uniquely Australian owned and developed product and we can’t wait to be sharing its health benefits with others from around the world.

Our goal is for every fruit and vegetable store to stock Orange Glow and for every household to include these pumpkins on their weekly shopping list. We’d also love to add to the growing list of restaurants featuring Orange Glow on their menu in creative and delicious signature dishes.

A ray of hope in drought affected areas and in developing countries

Orange Glow pumpkins also present exciting possibilities for developing countries and in other drought affected areas around the world for many reasons:

  • They are extremely easy to grow sustainably for their available nutrition. They are one of the most friendly crops to grow to the environment, with low water use required and a relatively low nutritional drain to support the crop.
  • No machinery or specialised labour is required to plant or pick them.
  • As the crops can be stored for up to four months without refrigeration, they can help to feed and sustain families through difficult times.
  • Seed can be stored for up to 3 years to help families get back on their feet after adverse weather events.
  • Being so high in beta-carotene, Orange Glow efficiently delivers essential nutrients to people who live in developing countries where deteriorating eyesight is a common health concern.

Ready to get glowing?

If you would like to learn more about Australia’s newest superfood, get in touch with the Orange Glow team today. You can give us a call on 0457 507 978 or drop us a line by filling out the form below and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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Tristan Pabst, City Winery, Brisbane